So, we call my grandma “Na”.  Today is her birthday.  I am PRETTY sure she gave me a LITTLE bit of her strong personality 🙂  Just a little………or a lot…i have a strong personality 🙂   She is amazing.  She has this strength that I can only hope I have one day.  She has always encouraged me to be the best version of myself.  To work hard for what i want.  I’d be lost without her.  She has been encouraging me to start a card line for MONTHS now.  MONTHS.  She one time bestowed upon me some VERYYYYYY wise words…”S*&t runs down hill, Jenny.”  She also has told me to remember that not everyone can work up to or live up to my expectations…this has been a HUGE thing for little miss perfectionistic me.  I love watching how GIDDY she gets when her great grand kids are around.  I mean…just LOOK…she is GIGGLING….while others were trying to wrangle up the other little ones for this picture…


That is my stunning niece sitting next to her.










and then my grandma proceeds to GIGGGGGGGGGGGLE when the kids just aren’t having it….


Come on…who ISN’T laughing at how awesome that is?  She is fabulous…so to celebrate my fabulous grandma….I made a few cards. 

I started out making backgrounds…


So….then I decided how I wanted to go with this one…

I used Simon Says Stamps’s Best Mom Ever set.  My mom asked me to make a card to give to Na.  This one looked like something she would pick out.  I blended the distress inks for the background.  Yeah…I’m a little in love the ink blending.  Then added on the gold embossed flowers.  And followed up with gold embossed “happy birthday” on vellum.  Threw a little sequins on and TADA…….



And from me and my obsession with bows…well, let’s be specific…GLITTER BOWS…



And I know…look at that Oh so TIDY workspace 🙂  I just like to be real…and i’m too lady to figure out a cute background.  ANYWAY…that’s how i celebrated Na.  I’m not sure a card dipped in gold would be enough to show that i LOVE her.  but…I guess a gold glitter bow will have to do.  Love you, NA!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! 







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